Station Guidelines – Short Story

“Remember the rules,” Frank said, and took another drag of his crooked cigarette. The thin paper had wrinkled in the fog. “Keep your eyes down.” Frank took the damp cigarette out of his mouth, squinted at it in the yellow train station light, and let out a small sigh before

Designing a Tent

For a while, we’ve had the idea of camping while in Hanoi. However, spending the $100 on a heavy tent that we would have to sell before we left the city didn’t sound that great. At several campsites you can rent a tent for 100,000vnd which is about $4, but

40km Bike Trip #2

New Stay Ephemeral Designs

Trip to Hải Phòng

The trip did not start out well. Ten meters from my apartment, I nearly hit a man who had run into the street. I still remember his face: the shock in his eyes, the huge enthusiastic smile. Most of all, I remember the large stick he was carrying, which he

Happy Families

Music video I made for Whyetc.

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