Designing a Tent

For a while, we’ve had the idea of camping while in Hanoi. However, spending the $100 on a heavy tent that we would have to sell before we left the city didn’t sound that great. At several campsites you can rent a tent for 100,000vnd which is about $4, but we knew we could make our own resuable tent for a decent price too. That way, we could design it to be the way we wanted, use it as often as we wanted, and still not feel bad about leaving it behind when it’s time to go.

Here are the steps Josh and I went through to design and build our own tent. We didn’t read anything before we started, we just wanted to see what we could come up with.

We wanted a two person tent that was suspended by cord attached to either one or two high points. We had no idea what the actual measurements would be, just what kind of style we wanted. This plan was intended for flexibility, so we could put the tent up even in an area with no trees, even though we wouldn’t have any tent poles with elastic.


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