Colorway is a five part color-manipulation collage. On individual images the color adjustments may seem strange or even unnoticeable, but together as a collage the effects create unique atmospheres.

Nori and I designed a program to change the colors of images in a certain fashion. We have five different settings of color-adjustment, as shown below. Each colorway has its own Facebook page, and updates the living collage every eight hours.

Disclaimer: None of the following images were originally created by me. Even though I have edited them, the original creator maintains copyright. Please respect the copyright of the original creators if you save the images for personal usage.

Sunday Morning

Fb page: Sunday Morning

Thursday Evening

Fb page: Thursday Evening

Lemon Lime

Fb page: Lemon Lime

Last Autumn

Fb page: Last Autumn

Last Summer

Fb page: Last Summer


Fb page: Reveal

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